The first course with ancient wisdom, energy principles and practical applications to create, harmonize and amplify
beneficial energies in your art and life!

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What will you comprehend?

Key learnings from the course.

Energy design applications

How to create art pieces designed for particular purposes as well to emit beneficial universal Life Energy based on ancient wisdom.

Cleansing methods

How to clear yourself, your environment and art pieces.

EMR neutralising options

How to neutralise harmful Electromagnetic Radiation & Smog with your art pieces and other tools.

Energy principles

How energy works and how it interacts with other energies.

Own energy management

How our human energy flows, how to balance, increase and protect it.

Conscious selling

How to amplify beneficial energy during sale, extend your offer and inform well your clients.

Connecting people and intentions!

This course was created with intention to develop more projects around conscious energy applications to help us heal ourselves and our environment.

By buying this course you become part of this change – through what you learn
and through our next actions that we also dedicate the funds for.

Thank you for contributing to our common cause and joining
our community of Conscious Creators!

Course contents

What does the course include?

  • Videos with presentations

    explaining energy in art, life and us

  • Handouts

    summary materials, presentations,
    tables and tools

  • Presentations overview

    to take notes

  • Exercises

    tasks for your practice

  • Inspirations lists

    with relevant symbolism

  • Creative Spiritual Practices

    ideas for inner growth during art work

  • LIVE sessions

    with Q&As

  • Group chat

    for participants only

  • One attempt for Certification

    if you complete all the assignments
    and pass the final task & test.

Program overview

What topics we will discuss.

General topics

Design topics

Bonus Benefits

What else can you gain from this course?

  • Learn how to use and choose pendulums.

  • Boost your creativity.

  • Gain more confidence in your art work.

  • Manage well your energy.

  • Meet like-minded people.

  • Get a chance for further cooperation.

  • Gain a certificate and access to an exclusive group of Conscious Creators.


The mystic science of life

This knowledge was hidden for ages, kept secret and available only to elites or those who were seeking it. Initiates would get the lessons in a form of metaphors and riddles they had to figure out.

That is why there was “a mainstream confusion” that Alchemists would be handling chemical reactions to create Gold or Philosopher’s Stone – those were metaphorical works in accordance with the Principle of Correspondence (“As above, so below; As below, so above”).

The purpose of a Master or a Teacher was to guide and inspire Initiates but it was their own (inner) work to discover the Truth.

Following those principles, we created this space to give you many inspirations and clues – what you will do with them afterwards and how you will use and develop it – it is in your hands!

Dedicated to...

Groups that can benefit the most.

Handmade products creators

Handcrafts passionates - both professional and hobbyist.


Those who create physical art pieces of any kind and in different materials.

Graphics designers

Even though the course will be focused on the value of physical products, some principles can be applied into a branding or digital art a.

Working with kids / parents

When knowing these principles you can arrange joyful creative time with kids — I do it with my daughter too 🙂

Creative beginners

If you are considering some creative work but still look for direction in art or handcrafts.

Seeking inspirations

Those who have some creativity blockage or are looking for a deeper purpose in their work.

Is this course for you?

Our shared values & goals.

Who will guide you through these teachings?

Benefit from my learnings and research!

Aga Marecka

The Energy Design Course Creator

Aga has a business, marketing & human resources background, she is entrepreneur with a couple of brands, working also as conscious consultant for startups & artists, speaker and host during Web3 international events and she is co-author of an international bestselling book about the future of leadership.

However, her true passion and mission is to connect it all (business, marketing, team building & art) with understanding of energies – to create or re-create a better world, knowledge is the key!

“Our intentions are our focus and energy so they should be directed to service to others. Everything else are just tools to achieve it and they come once we are truly aligned.”

She promotes Energy Philanthropy & Positive, Balanced & Conscious Marketing and believes that everything what we put out with our hearts will come back to us with a synergy effect.

She has already spent thousands of hours studying subjects of ancient civilizations, spirituality, doctrines, religions, natural holistic healing and science of energy which she brings in a comprehensive way – with this course for the purpose of design and art. As she emphasizes:

“Learning never ends and the part of it is to teach others.”

She also explores and measures design principles with tools and brings the results to artists who are ready to step into the energy topics and create conscious art with an intention to bring more positive energy to the world.

She is also a happy mom, lives in Belgium, works in Luxembourg, comes from Poland and she considers herself as a citizen of the world excited to welcome different nationalities and bring more diversity of perspectives to the space.

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