A few words from Aga

I am Aga Marecka, for past years I have studied at the best universities and have been working in great corporates, with startups, web3 and also started my own project. I understand well how business or marketing “works” yet those “ways” led us to this point where we need to correct ourselves as a humanity…

And even though I am aware of those “standards” I don’t want to repeat them – the change starts from ourselves. So you will NOT find different marketing tricks from me that base on emotions – this is simply manipulation and a short term view…

The Early Birds price is there to appreciate those who don’t wait till the last minute and offer their trust at the beginning of the course launch. I also shared some discounts with my first HANDIEU sellers who trusted me even before this course launch. The price is well balanced for the energy exchange so I feel good about it and hopefully allow more good people to participate in the course regardless their financial situation. I am also open to help those who can’t afford it financially – they can reach me and we can always figure out another way to exchange energy! ?

For sceptics about this unusual approach: I do value myself and therefore I don’t need to reflect it in money or some labels ? Money is just a tool to achieve other greater goals and are there many on my list and they are all with intention to help people! By appreciating my work you also contribute to their fulfilment and thank you for that!

What you will find in me is honesty and positive energy, respect and balance! No spam – just valuable content, understanding that you have your own life to live – please don’t spend it so much on social media, instead take a walk or be with your beloved ones! I don’t strive for your “reactions” but I am looking forward to your conscious “responses” ? Relax – this will bring the most benefits to your own life as well as to your art pieces and the whole world!

I prepared this course with a mission to bring more consciousness into this field. I love art and handcrafts, I prefer to buy it over some massive produced products (which is the reason why I started HANDIUE ?). Every handcraft has this great Life Energy in it! Yet, sometimes some little adjustments may increase it significantly. And this is what I would like to teach and underline within this program: Your art work is very important for the humanity!

If you resonate with the course content it should be your conscious decision to join and NOT based on what “others say”, “fears”, because there is “a promotion” or even “excitement”. I suggest you go into yourself and ask – why this course appeared in my life (everything happens for a reason ?)? Is it something I want to learn? Is that a person I want to meet and learn from (how you feel about someone is also very important!)?…

If you feel this is the right step for you or something your were looking for I am happy to onboard you to this miraculous space ? If that is not – that is ok. Everyone has their own path and not every “frequency” will communicate well with another ?

As for my “energy background” I have gone through the topics of natural healing, physics of energy, different doctrines and religions (yet to be clear I am not associated with any ?), ancient wisdom, recent researches and content of different “spiritual people”… I am also the first Polish to study BioGeometry with dr. Gilbert and dr. Karim. All of this took me already a few thousands of hours and I learn more every day. Yet, I came to the point when I realized I collected enough to start sharing it with others. And in this course I will give you an essence of my study for the purpose of design which is a multidimensional expression of our human creativity and brings more Life Force to this world!

Thank you for your creative work for the world and I am looking forward to meet you!