Why are energies so important?

You may have noticed that more people practise meditation or yoga or talk about their chakras. But this is not all about energy. Those are actually just little pieces of a greater awakening which makes it NOT ONLY “some trend” but a huge shift in our perception moving from left-brain functioning towards right-brain perception and balance.

“Everything is energy, vibration, frequency.” “Everything is in a constant state of motion.”

Those are facts, scientifically proven. It is not a matter of belief. It is a matter of knowing and then understanding how to implement it so it serves you and those around you.

As an artist, you create energy with your art pieces. I suppose that you want to generate positive emotions and improve others’ lives with it – bring them joy and peace. With this course you will learn how to make it consciously and on many levels.

Understanding energy helped me a lot and I want to share it now with others as a part of my own learning – we are all in this process, no matter how “far” it seems we are! There is no comparison, no judgement of different paths and people – we are all One and here for each other to support each other’s journeys!