Energy Design

The first course with ancient wisdom
andΒ design principles to create, harmonize and amplify
beneficial energies in your art!
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What you will learn?

Other benefits

Why energies are so important

You may have noticed that more people practice meditation or yoga or talk about their chakras. But this is not all what is about energies. Those are actually just little pieces of a greater awakening which makes it NOT ONLY “some trend” but a huge shift in our perception moving from left-brain functioning towards right-brain and balance.

“Everything is energy, vibration, frequency.” “Everything is in a constant move.” Those are facts, scientifically proven. It is not a matter of believe. It is a matter of knowing and then understanding how to implement it so it serves you and those around you.

As artist, you create energy with your art pieces. I suppose that you want to generate the positive emotions and improve others life with it – bring them joy and peace. With this course you will learn how to make it consciously and on many levels.

This course is for you if...

You are curious and feel like there is more about energies

You want to share this beneficial energy with others

You appreciate positive vibes in others and focus on them

You are looking for creative inspirations

You are looking for a deeper purpose in your creative work

You want to improve your life quality and are ready to try "alternative" ways

This course is NOT for you if...

You are complaining a lot and judging others and you judge even this course price πŸ™‚

You are ready to violate someone's rights for your own benefit (e.g. copy someone's work)

You are not familiar with energies and laugh at people who talk about it even though you haven't done any deeper than mainstream media research yourself

You don't like people and think only about yourself

You have "a taking attitude" and calculating every interaction with others

You are just looking for a way to earn more money (just to be clear: it is ok to earn money but this shouldn't be our core or only intention - money is a tool, not a goal πŸ™‚)

Aga Marecka

Energy Design Course Creator

Aga has a business, marketing & human resources background, she is entrepreneur with a couple of brands, working also as conscious consultant for startups & artists, speaker and host during Web3 international events.

But her true passion and mission is to connect it all (business, marketing, team building & art) with understanding of energies – to create or re-create a better world, knowledge is the key!

But her true Energy Philanthropy & Positive, Balanced & Conscious Marketing and believes that everything what we put out with our hearts will come back to us with a synergy effect πŸ™‚

She has already spent thousands of hours studying subjects of ancient civilizations, spirituality, doctrines, religions, natural holistic healing and science of energy which she brings in a comprehensive way for the purpose of design and art.

She has already spent explores and measures design principles with tools and brings the results to artists who are ready to step into the energy topics and create conscious art with an intention to bring more positive energy to the world.

If you feel like you are in alignement with those values and would like to learn more about Energy Design, subscribe to our Waiting List group – in English or in Polish.

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